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At Blackhawk Network Solutions, we offer a range of services to fit the unique needs of your business. We strive to develop and adapt solutions that work within the constraints you face, while meeting your objectives. It is our goal to find a solution that not only fits your needs today, but also will fit the long term evolution and eventual growth of your company.



Change can be a very scary proposition no matter what the the situation, especially when it comes to technology. It is a fatal truth of business that if you do not evolve with the times you are likely to fall behind the competition. At Blackhawk Network Solutions we believe in plotting a path of least resistance to take you from your current problem to your desired solution.


Whether you would like to upgrade a server, migrate to a cloud environment, restructure your IT infastructure to make sense or merely clean up the chaos of your server rack, we are here to help. We look foward to the opportunity to sit down, discuss your needs and develop a clear cut path with simple to understand steps to allow you to visualize how you can get from the chaos you put up with, to the simplicity you dream about. 



"Bad things happen",  this is a simple truth of the world we live in. You can not predict when, what or how, but eventually we all to face days we wish we could simply skip. What will make the crucial difference in that moment, when you realize you are faced with a critical situation, is whether or not you have a plan. At Blackhawk Network Solutions we are firm believers in preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best. We can sit down and help you plan out your business continutiy so that neither a hard drive failure, an earthquake or zombie apocalypse will prevent you from continuing to carry on the business you have worked so hard to build.



No company remains the same size, just like any village they tend to grow and shrink with time. In a time of growth, you might find yourself short staffed and buried in support tickets. Whether it is during a time of deployment or perhaps you need to free up a crucial individual to focus on a specific project. It could be that someone walked through your office with a giant magnet hung around their neck. Either way when your support board is overflowing it is a problem that will get worse before it gets better.


No matter what the case may be, a shortage of help is incredibly noticable and affects everyone on a help desk or in an IT department. Don't sweat the stress, in those moments when you need to raise the barn. Call for extra help, because it takes a village to raise a barn.

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